safaniya oil field pipeline

Expansion and redevelopment of Safaniya oilfield to raise sustainable oil output while increasing  gas- processing capacity
Petrojet scope of work: Execution of civil, mechanical, E & I works including:
– 30” and 16” installation of CS P/L 5 km
– 59 open cut crossing
– Demolition of 24”, 30”, & 36” of CS pipeline with length of 2 km

downstream pipeline haradh increment (HUG-2) KSA

Part of the expansion of Hawiyah Gas Plant, is the installation of a pipeline network to allow free flowing of 290 mmscfd from Haradh field to Hawiyah Gas Plant.
Petrojet scope of work: Construction of civil, mechanical and electrical works of:
56” P/L 56 km
11 open cut crossing with micro tunneling system
Hot Tapping pipeline
15 km cable laying

Hawiyah expansion gas plant (HGP)

Construction of additional gas processing facilities for processing 1070 mcfd of natural gas. Petrojet works include Civil , Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works. In addition to engineering, procurement & construction of associated buildings


city gas network UAE

The project aims at construction of a natural gas distribution network in the emirate of Abu dhabi. The project covers design, construction, operation, maintenance, emergency activities and communication network including high pressure gas pipelines and natural gas distribtuion network ending at residential, commercial and industrial customer’s appliances. The scope aslo includes customer acquisition, customer service, type approvals of gas meters/appliances and the design, construction and operation of a gas operations and service center.

Phase 1

Includes packages 5 to 16 with reference to the construction of 4 bar distribution pipelines petrojet is awarded packages 5, 6, 7, & 11. Petrojet scope of work is Engineering, Procurement, & Construction of a City Gas Network with an approximate lenght of 64 Km at Emirates Abu Dhabi. Works inlcude Civil, Mechanical and Cathodic protection works.

Rumaitha and Shanayel Project UAE

Part 1 : Rumaitha/Shanayel Production Restoration

Rumaitha/Shanayel restoration consists of (14 wells) to compensate production from high GOR wells (6 OP and 8 WAG). All producer wells are expected to be provided with gas lift. It includes two “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells brought forward to year 2018 (Ra-122 oil producer and Ra-123 WAG injector).

Part 2 : Rumaitha Technical Rate

Rumaitha Phase I/II production requires sustaining its 20% technical rate. This requires drilling six (6) oil producers and six (6) WAG injectors, Two oil producers out of the six are “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells brought forward and two WAG injectors out of the six injectors are “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells which are brought forward. The Batch 2 wells are located in Cluster Y. Production from clusters GG and FF will be routed to CPP phase I/II.

El Tina/New Capital pipeline


Construction of a gas pipeline with a total length of 165 km and diameter of 42″

1st Stage 92 km from El tina VR to Abu-Sultan

2nd Stage 73 Km from Abu-Sultan to New Capital

Sulfate Removable Facilities (new)

Construction, Pre commissioning for Civil & Mechanical Works for Installation of Sulfate Removable Facilities including the following:

  • Earthworks
  • Concrete Works
  • Under ground networks RTR including Manholes / catch basin / Sumps
  • Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures (Pipe Racks and N.F Building)
  • Concrete works and Finishing of (5) Buildings
  • Pre-fabrication and Erection C.S Piping including Painting and Hydro-test
  • Pre-fabrication and Erection for intake and rejection pipelines (36 ” and 16 “) C.S Piping including Painting and Hydro-test including (Tie-Ins)
  • Equipment Erection ( 6 Vessels , 29 Pumps and 21 Miscellaneous)
  • Pre-commissioning

Nooros-Abu Madi-El Gamil Pipeline

Execution of a Gas Trunk  Pipeline with total length of 126 km from Nooros to El Gamil passing by Abu Madi Plant in order to increase the extraction of butane and gas supply to UGDC Company’s plant for increasing Propane production.

1st Pipeline with Diameter 24” and Length 35 km from Nooros Fields Area to Abu Madi Plant.

2nd Pipeline With Diameter 32” and Length 91 km from Abu Madi Plant to El Gamil Plant.

Scope of work includes:

  • Polyethylene and Concrete Coating for Pipeline Pipes.
  • Permitting/Land compensation.
  • Backfilling of Manzala Lake for about 2.2 Million m3 of soil.
  • 7 new Valve rooms (1 inside Manzala lake)
  • Receiving facilities in Abu Madi and El Gamil plant
  • About 57 HDD Crossings and 50 Open Cut Crossings.

Project Challenges

  • El Manzala Lake Backfilling: 200.000 m3 (35 Km Length).
  • 55 HDD Crossings ( River Nile, El Salam Canal, Fish Farms, Railway, Highways, …etc)

phosphate fertilizer complex package 2

Joint Venture ( Petrojet- Ballestra )

Engineering, Procurement, Construction of phosphate fertilizer complex package 2 at Ain EL-Sokhna.

the complex includes 5 plants for the production of phosphate and compound fertilizers, and pure phosphoric acid with production capacity of 2100 tons/day


Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 - ISO 17025
ASME Stamps - API Q1 - Hull Structures